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The PI Training Program_Kickoff Meeting was held for presentations and lively discussions.
The 11th Steering Committee meeting was held and progress was shared with all members.
The Support and Screening Committee for Startup Creation in FY2023 was held, and five new assignments were selected.
Moonshot webinar "Recommendations for Light Sheet Microscopy" was held and attended by 54 people.
JST 1st interim evaluation meeting was held.
Pamphlet for Kento Imaging Support Center has been created.
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Continuing from last year, we exhibited at Biojapan in collaboration with the Place for Co-Creation, National Circulation Center, Osaka Prefectural Government, and the Institute of Biomedical Innovation-Ken-Ei Kenkyuken.We exchanged information with visitors, focusing on the introduction of the newly launched "Organization for the Promotion of Health Metropolis Co-Creation" as well as the initiatives of the National Center for Medical Innovation.
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The second PI Training Program Review Committee meeting was held, and four new members were hired.

A site visit to support the promotion of startup creation/growth under the Co-Creation Opportunity Formation Support Program (COI-NEXT) was held, where advice was given by members of the Startup Support Promotion Committee and a lively exchange of opinions took place.
Number of participants: 37 (on-site: 17, online: 20)

site visit


The COI-NEXT (Co-Creation Opportunity Formation Support Program) Policy Focus Area (Full-Scale) Site Visit was held, where the PO, Deputy PO, AD, and MEXT staff gave advice and engaged in a lively exchange of opinions.
Participating companies were also invited to attend.
Number of participants: 82 (on-site: 57, online: 25)

site visit

The 10th Steering Committee meeting was held and progress was shared with all members.
2023.06.28 - 30
Participated in the 75th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cell Biology to promote the KENTO Imaging Support Center.
Moonshot Webinar "Introduction of Shared Equipment at Kento Imaging Support Center" was held and attended by 58 people.
The 9th Steering Committee meeting was held and progress was shared with all members.
The Raman microscopy seminar was held and attended by 72 people, including online participation.
Katsushige Fujita (Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering)
Takeshi Minamikawa (Post-LED Photonics Laboratory, The University of Tokushima)
Taisuki Koseki (Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)
The 8th Steering Committee meeting was held and progress was shared with all members. In addition, the General Foundation for Research on Microbial Diseases of Osaka University, Osaka Public University, and Wellier Corporation were approved as new participating institutions.
JST's FY2022 "Startup Creation/Growth Promotion Support" program has been adopted.
(Amount of support: up to 100 million yen, period: up to 3 years)
The Kick-off Symposium for the Kento Imaging Support Center was held and attended by 102 people including from companies and universities
[ presenter ]
Keisuke Ota (Professor, Center for Advanced Imaging Research, Kurume University School of Medicine)
Yasushi Okada (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
Li-Kun Phng (Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Frontier Biosciences)
Atsushi Miyawaki (Team Leader, RIKEN Neuroscience Research Center and Photonics Research Center)
Yu Ishii (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)
Official transition to full-scale support by JST has been approved.
(Amount of support: up to about 400 million yen/year, until FY2029)
We would like to thank all participating institutions for their cooperation and guidance over the past two years.
We look forward to your continued support.
The registration site for the Kick-off Symposium of Kento Imaging Support Center on September 7 has been released.
The 6th Steering Committee meeting was held to report progress to all members.
The site visit was conducted as a transitional evaluation (second- phase evaluation) to full-scale support by JST.
Kowa Corporation, a participating organization in the Health and Medical Data Platform, has pre-released a health promotion support [Suita Self-Care Suite Trial].
Biocommunity Kansai (BiocK) has been recognized as a "Global Biocommunity" by the Cabinet Office. The National Cardiovascular Center will continue to contribute to BiocK as a key institution of the Digital Biohealth Subcommittee.
NexGen Corporation issued a press release on the occasion of its participation in the "Place for Co-Creation.
The 5th Steering Committee was held to share the progress with all members. The SC approved MUFG Bank, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd., JCR Pharma Co., Ltd., and NEXGEN Co., Ltd. as new participating institutions.
JST allowed us temporary promotion to full-scale support. The second phase evaluation is to be implemented at the end of April this year.
JST conducted the first phase evaluation for the promotion to full-scale support.
Shigehiro Asano, the subーproject leader of COI-NEXT, delivered a lecture whose title was “From Keihanshin area to all over Japan. -our project to create an innovation through KENTO-” at HVC KYOTO post-event 2, “To develop innovation ecosystem - What is it that we need in Kansai district?”. This event was organized by JETRO and Kyoto Research Park Corp.
Naoki Mochizuki, the project leader of COI-NEXT, delivered a lecture, “The project of digital transformation for Biohealth at COI-NEXT”, at the 2nd industry-academia-government collaboration seminar hosted by Osaka prefecture and PMK initiative.
The representatives from the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry visited COI-NEXT and had a discussion on promoting collaboration with business.
A delegation from MEXT visited COI-NEXT. They took a tour of the COI-NEXT site and had an active exchange of opinions on the project.
A skull session with bureaucrats from MEXT and JST was held on the web. There was an active discussion on COI-NEXT.
The 3rd steering committee meeting was held. The participants reviewed the progress of the project. They also welcomed AIR WATER INC., Kowa Company, Ltd., and JSPA(Japan Selfcare Promotion Association) as new participating institutions.
A site visit was conducted by JST at COI-NEXT, and opinions were exchanged about the place for co-creation.
The second Steering Committee meeting was held to report the progress with all members.
At this meeting, Kobe University was approved as a new participating institution. In addition, the University of Hyogo, Tohoku University, Kumamoto University, and the University of Tokushima joined the project as a member of the Data Utilization Promotion Fund (for two years).
Information on shared imaging equipment is posted on the website.
The Program Officer and Sub Program Officer of JST for COI-NEXT visited our center and exchanged opinions.
The first Steering Committee meeting was held to share the progress with all members.
LSI Medience Corporation and Mizuho Bank, Ltd. were also approved as new participating institutions.
The terms of participation for "COI-NEXT" have been established.
A kick-off meeting was held for all members of "COI-NEXT".
The site was opened.
"COI-NEXT (bio-field / full-fledged type)" was adopted.
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
A high WBC count can predict atrial fibrillation: The Suita Study.
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
Serum uric acid levels associated with risk of diabetes mellitus in peri- and postmenopausal women living in urban areas.
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
Association of liver enzymes and alcohol intake with risk of developing diabetes mellitus among urban area residents.
Research and Development Project 6 Leader Yoshihiro Kokubo, Specially Appointed Director, has published on the Health Checkup Department WEB site.
Evidence from Japan of 10 items of lifelong health support to be used in the new health guidance of the Heart Failure Severe Prevention Project
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
Stair climbing and incident atrial fibrillation: a prospective cohort study
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
Mild Hypertensive Retinopathy and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: The Suita Study
There was a press release on the study of Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo, the leader of R&D Issue No. 6.
Developing a Stroke Risk Prediction Model Using Cardiovascular Risk Factors: The Suita Study --Stroke Risk in Urban Population. Cerebrovascular Diseases. 2021.

When research related to this program or research using the equipment installed in the "Kento Imaging Support Center" is published in a paper, it will be introduced on the website of the Place for Co-Creation and reported to JST as an achievement.

[ Research related to this program ]
Please indicate your grant number below.
Grant number of the Co-Creation Field: JPMJPF2018
When your paper is accepted, please inform the Co-Creation Field Support Office.
We will publish your paper as a result on the website of Place for Co-Creation.

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