National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Director General of Research Institute


Naoki Mochizuki

A futuristic model for an integrated health industry city will be created in "Kento" in order to realize a resilient society that can overcome impairments in sensory functions that affect the quality of life and that accompany refractory cardiovascular disease, refractory cancer, dementia, emerging/re-emerging viral infections, and other diseases.
The "All-star Health Center" and "AI Health and Medical Research Center" will be established, and an imaging platform and a health / medical data platform will be created. In order to establish a better platform, a next-generation bio-network will be deployed that can be used remotely. This will form a bio-community where exemplary researchers from academia and industry can research through cooperation. Additionally, post-5G / AI technologies will be developed and used to expand the bio-community into a world model with community participation that can aggregate information on health and medical conditions in the community. Stakeholders include industry, government, academia, and private individuals. We aim to create the site through the "multi-field collaborative platform" and the "innovation core platform".
We will create an industry city site that can return cutting-edge research to the community in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 generations.