Seven state-of-the-art imaging instruments are available for shared use at the National Cardiovascular Center. (For details, please see the list of equipment.) The center consolidates expensive state-of-the-art equipment that is difficult to purchase and maintain at each research institute, equipment that requires a high level of expertise for operation, and special equipment and facilities that are difficult to install due to the installation standards of the facility. Especially in the fields of cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, and infectious disease research, the use of expensive imaging equipment (electron microscopes, super-resolution microscopes, multiphoton microscopes, light-sheet microscopes, etc.) is essential for research. In addition, from FY2022 onward, we plan to gradually introduce robotic technology and remote operation.

      All equipment is available for use. Please check the User Guide (reservation flow, fees, etc.) and make a reservation through the equipment reservation system.