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Protection of personal information

While recognizing the importance of the protection of personal information, NCVC will endeavor to ensure the proper management of personal information based on the following policies.

  1. Acquisition and possession of personal information

    (1) Not to acquire personal information by falsity or any otherwise fraudulent means.
    (2) To possess personal information only where it is necessary for the execution of duties, and moreover, specify the utilization purpose.
    (3) Not to possess personal information beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the specified utilization purpose.
    (4) In case of altering the specified utilization purpose, not to do so beyond the scope recognized reasonably relevant to the pre-altered utilization purpose.

  2. Utilization of personal information

    Except for the case where it is based on laws and regulations, NCVC will not utilize personal information for any purpose other than the utilization purpose or provide it without obtaining the prior consent of the principal.

  3. Management of personal information

    NCVC takes necessary measures required for the proper management of personal information, including prevention of leakage, loss or alteration of personal information.

  4. Disclosure, etc. of personal information

    When requested to disclose, correct or suspend utilization of personal information, NCVC will promptly respond thereto.

  5. 5. Discard of personal information

    NCVC will discard personal information that has become no longer needed by safe and appropriate method.

Guidance and consultation relating to personal information possessed by NCVC as well as reception of request for publication/browsing, or disclosure/correction/suspension of utilization of personal information file register are as follows

場所 National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center,
Open Innovation Center, Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration

6-1 Kishibe-Shimmachi, Suita, Osaka, 564-8565, Japan
TEL +81-6-6170-1070

Collection of user information

When collecting personal information on homepage (such as at the time of conducting questionnaire or request for documents, etc.), NCVC will clearly specify the utilization purpose on the page. NCVC will not use personal information for any other purposes in any way. NCVC may provide information to its contractors, etc., even in which case, NCVC properly manages and uses information by concluding a confidentiality agreement.

Utilization/scope of collected information

NCVC will not use personal information it has collected beyond the scope of its purpose. However, NCVC may provide information, if the prior agreement/consent is obtained, if required by laws and regulations, or if it is needed for public interest.